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History Of Brunswick

Brunswick History
400 Gloucester Street, Brunswick, GA 31520, USA
Mark Carr, a captain in General James Oglethorpe's Marine Boat Company, was this area's first settler. He established his plantation as early as 1738 on 1,000 acres along the Turtle River, an area known as Plug Point. In 1771, the Royal Province of Georgia bought Carr's... More Info
History of Streets and Squares of Old Town
Brunswick, GA, USA
Anyone at all familiar with the names of our State, our County, our City, our streets, our squares will know how redolent they are of English history, particularly during the reigns of King George II and his grandson, King George III (1727 - 1820). The State of Georgia... More Info
Brunswick Historic Ritz Theater
Brunswick, GA, USA
The Ritz Theatre, located within the "Old Town Brunswick" National Register Historic District, was built in 1898 to house the Grand Opera House, retail establishments, and the general offices of the Brunswick and Birmingham Railroad. Originally, the Grand Opera House, a... More Info